Modular Prosthetics catapults Pharmakustik's audiosurgical interventions into a new, yet unheard era of prosthetic sound-synthesis developed by a complex plugin-apparatus developed within the last months at Pharmakustik-studio. Resection, replacement and restoration of audio-fragments, simultaneous interaction of dissected voice-particles and powerful convulsive electronics form the main basis of the seven tracks on which all abscesses of harmonies, repetitive rhythmic forms and conventional structures have been completely removed. Instead periprosthetic fracture-mechanics, modular sound-expansions, processed electrical signals and endosonic research are the main structural components of the album. Modular Prosthetics combines multislice, mediglitch, granular sputter, speech-processing, infradrones, antiseptronics, vocoblast, microchop and tone-crunch for the new auditory conscience.


Nuklearmedizin concentrates on Pharmakustik's current studies in radiopharmaceutical audio-processing and interventional radiology of seven neuroacoustic movements. Nuclear ambiences, molecular sound-orbitals and aneurysmic voices labeled with radioactive tracer have been combined to complex systems of resomagnetic ultrasound. Fluctuating radio-signals interacting in acoustic rooms of multiplanar imaging and industrial CT-scanning. Protonic algorithms for radiologic technologists.