Double CD
Duration: 124 min.

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Fabriksampler V4
(2CD package) presents 20 different artists from around the globe, an extensive work which focuses on the combination of various forces, delivering a corpus of surprisingly uncanny sounds and audio experimentations, ranging from dark ambient, noise and drone features, with landscapes of shrewdly resonant fluidities, soft and rough textures of carefully selected and multi-layered patterns of abstractly distortive sonorities, with precise tuning to each other as separate pieces, which, while still very much diversified – and able to maintain their singular difference –, successfully function as an unbroken strategical unit; and the thing that connects them together, are those crucial points, cross-sections, which are produced only later, after the relation between them is established retroactively, measured by their structural difference, that marks their own separate territory, overall automated to operate as diversely-synthesized unit/s – two that never is completely different but also never becomes really one.

KK NULL (Japan)

KK.Null is one of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental rock. Starting his career in the early 80's by performing guitar improvisations in the clubs and streets of Tokyo, he continued by collaborating with Merzbow, YBO2 and Absolut Null Punkt. In 1987, he gained wider notoriety as the leader, guitarist and singer of the trio Zeni Geva. Zeni Geva reached world-wide fame with their heavy and hypnotic sound, eventually releasing three Steve Albini-produced albums on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label.

NEVEN M. AGALMA (Slovenia)
Neven M. Agalma is an experimental artist from Slovenia. With his music work, he manages to explore different texturizations of granular sounds, interwoven with symphonic and atmospheric background layers and abstractly emotional pieces. His work subliminally tunes your brain cells, adjusting them to the various frequencies, folowing the line of IDM and experimental electronica.

Since 2001 Siegmar Fricke characterizes his musical universe as Pharmakustik: audioclinical investigation; sound-research; implantation and re-implanation of acoustic fragments; exclusion of harmonies/melodies/traditional song-structures; generation of completely electronic and highly abstract tissues; intermodulating soundpools related to medical subjects; neurochemical ambiences; formantmodulation of selected voice-particles, bitcrushed fractures of rhythm; complex combinations of plugins/modulators/effect-periphery.

Yoshihiro Kikuchi is a Tokyo based artist dealing with paintings, collages etc., besides various forms of experimental sounds. He is a drummer and composer of Japanese band Out Of The Unknown, a member of Graves And Orchestra Pits and Hölenmusik Ensemble. Also, he has collaborated with American multi-media artist Bryan Lewis Saunders, Argentine experimental musician Anla Courtis (ex.REYNOLS). In the near future, he will make collaborated compositions with Kommissar Hjuler und Frau/Mama Baer.

Franck Vigroux works in the fields of electronic music, new media, composition and improvisation. He is the founder of d'Autres Cordes, a record label dedicated to aventurous music. He has played in hundreds of festivals and clubs in Europe and Asia, and conducted improvisers orchestras worldwide, he has been commissioned by Ars Nova ensemble instrumental and Radio France for compositions or radiophonic work. He also presents audiovisual projects and sound installations.

Luka Princic is a musician, sound designer and media artist. He has participated in a number of sound-music and multimedia projects. In addition to publishing web albums, he has been active in Ljudmila and Kiberpipa and is the administrator of, an art-server/community. As a sound designer and adviser, he collaborates with artists, activists and producers of festivals and conferences at home and abroad. Most of his work is based on hacker ethics and DIY philosophy.

CHRIS WOOD (South Africa)
His South African roots inspire with naturalistic influence seeping through his sample but this Johannesburg native isn’t a one trick pony. His nasty breaks and dirty electronics are decidedly urban and filthy. Urban beat-hop heads will get violent over this one, which while boasting plenty of eerie ambience uncovers the underground art of weaving breakbeats overtop of dubby basslines. Perfect in every which way imaginable. Pick it up and dance punkers.

MUTANT BEATNIKS (United Kingdom)
Started in 1986 by Shaun Robert, as one of the many projects he was undertaking at the time, with the idea to produce short form pieces of Music Concrete, Noise Music with an edge towards outsider pop and breakbeat. The name is derived from the idea of future music, Mutant as in transfigured and morphing developed distance sounds; Music. And the kind of music crazy modern beatniks will listen to. So Mutant Beatniks describes the music as well as the target audience.

NRYY (Japan)
NRYY is a power-noise electronic project of Norihito Kodama from Osaka. He runs also his own label Silent Novels Records.

VelgeNaturlig is a Portuguese act based upon spiritual, gnostic and primordial hidden rites from sideral times. VelgeNaturlig explores since the end of 199..s natural and industrial soundscapes as well as sonoplastic drones, using diverse analog machinery, fields manipulation techniques to (re)create aural and deep nature representations.

ASTMA (Russia)
Astma is an improv-collaboration duo from Moscow, pairing drummer/vocalist Olga Nosova from the Russian noise-core scene and Russian industrial legend Alexei Borisov, Astma is a drum and guitar-torture act incorporating looped electronics and disturbing improv vocal performance. Alexei Borisov has developed an impressively diverse body of work as a member of the first Moscow new-wave band The Center in the early 80s, and other projects (Night Prospekt, F.R.U.I.T.S., Volga, Gosplan Trio) and numerous collaborations.

Fabio Orsi is an electronic musician from Taranto (Southern Italy) specialising in atmospheric drone. Orsi’s music originates with field recordings through which he seeks to capture images in sound inspired by the historic pre-war folk recordings made by Alan Lomax. Since his 2005 debut, Fabio Orsi has consolidated his reputation as a key figure of the international nu-folk electronica underground with a bewildering yet fascinating series of solo works and collaborations dominated by psychedelically flavoured soundscapes.

Cezary Gapik started his musical activity in 1980 as an animator of punk rock bands. Soon enough he discovered new sounds which were brought by the punk rock rebellion. Plunging into the fundaments of musical avant-garde, the appearance of new creative possibilities together with the works of artists like Mick Harris, Illusion of Safety, etc. had definitively shaped the musical direction towards which Cezary Gapik follows. His musical creation is based on drones and micro-tonal sound planes interlaced with abstract images (field recordings) or computer-processed synthetic sounds (glitch).

Prodvkt is an ambient-experimental project from Firenze, the tradition of death obsessed electronics from Italy continues.

MIKE BROWNING (United States)
Mike Browning has been involved in bands such as Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Incubus, After Death and Acheron since the mid 80's, but usually as a drummer and vocalist. His newest side project Inner Workings takes on a whole new direction as he uses keyboards to create alien soundscapes unlike anything ever heard before.

MACU (Austria)
MaCu is an Austrian based musician. She started her musically activities with studying piano and vocals. After a certain period without doing any music she began to play guitar. Soon MaCu started to experiment with prepared guitar and to generate music by using fieldrecordings and processed sounds of objects and vocals.