Duration: 53 min.

The compilation album which features exclusive tracks from Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (Sweden), Lull (UK), Wo0 (Serbia), Go Tsushima (Japan), Left Eye Dominant (Italy), Alexei Borisov (Russia), Tania Stene (Norway), PureH (Slovenia), Sunao Inami (Japan), Dodecahedragraph (Slovenia), The Cherry Blues Project (Argentina) and Final (UK). Full album of ambient, drones, noise...

Final is a project of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Techno Animal, Head Of David, Napalm Death etc.) which he started in 1982. Final serves as an undefinable and experimental interpretation of Justins more recognised music; it is primarily electronic in nature, taking on a space-like, ambient sound.

PUREH (Slovenia)
PureH is a Slovenian electronic artist who during the last 15 years played in many musical projects as Inertia, KSVLKSV, Xarq, Puredope, Spheres, Extreme Smoke, Patareni etc. PureH's music can best be described as experimental containing elements of ambient, electronics, noise and industrial.

WOO (Serbia)
WoO is an improv guitar player from Belgrade, Serbia, once a member of the noise-rock band Off. WoO is using two electric guitars, several effect pedals and some everyday devices: mobile phones, remote controllers, radio, television, magnets.

Go Tsushima is an improviser with guitar and electronics from Osaka, Japan. He started the improvisation band Psychedelic Desert in 2004 and played shows in Japan and Australia. He also collaborated with an experimental guitarist from Belgrade WoO and Andrea Valvini in the electronic and visual artists collective e-mixtur.

Left Eye Dominant aka John Graeme Morris is a British digital artist living in the city of Rome. In the past he has worked mainly with experimental audio composition and performance but he is now experimenting with photographs, digital painting, animation, audio and video.

Alexei Borisov has developed an impressively diverse body of work as a member of the first Moscow new-wave band The Center in the early 80s, and other projects (Night Prospekt, F.R.U.I.T.S., Volga, Gosplan Trio) and numerous collaborations. He also works as a DJ in clubs and on a radio, and contributed as a journalist to some Russian and foreign magazines and newspapers.

Tania Stene is a Norwegian interdisciplinary artist. She works with different techniques such as oils/acrylics, photography, collage, video, sound and installation. She is known for coverart & photo shoots for bands like Darkthrone, Thorns, Satyricon, Burzum, Emperor and Sunn O))) live album.

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is an incredibly prolific Swedish musician. He has worked under many different names, such as Nordvargr, Toroidh, MZ.412, Goatvargr and Folkstorm among others. His music varies from dark ambient to power electronics and death industrial and all points in between, such as the martial and neofolk elements of Toroidh, the noise of MZ.412 and even the ebm-industrial of Pouppée Fabrikk.

The Cherry Blues Project was formed in 2001 as a soundart project in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was created by two members that use the pseudonymns Cherry and Blues. The music of The Cherry Blues Project involves a lot of styles, scattered throughout their 100 albums, 150 singles and EP's. As a band, they rarely perform live.

Dodecahedragraph is one of the emerging artists on the Slovenian scene. With his yet unreleased album Soterag he manages to explore different texturizations of granular sounds, interwoven with symphonic and atmospheric background layers and abstractly emotional pieces. His work subliminally tunes your brain cells, adjusting them to the various frequencies, folowing the line of IDM and experimental electronica.

Sunao Inami has a huge knowledge of analog and digital synthesis and is a key figure in the field of wavetable synthesis. After playing in the post-new wave band Controlled Voltage in the early 90s, he started creating improvised electronic music. He runs Cave Studio, his own label Electr-ohm and the electronica/noise label C.U.E. Records in Kobe, Japan.

Lull is a beatless dark ambient project of the British musician Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death, Quoit, Painkiller etc). Lull was at the front of the so-called Isolationist movement and favours somber, minimalistic drones that create a dark, other-worldly atmosphere. Its sound is generally amusical, and very experimental.